At Gusford, it is our intent to use reading, writing and maths to enhance our science provision. We intend to ignite curiosity, creativity and a love of learning by providing ‘wow’ science moments, use of child led enquiry and a rangeof differentiated activities to ensure that  learning is accessible by all. It is our intent that a range of practical and visual resources and key vocabulary are used, as well as both inside and outside learning environments to provide children with a range of real-life experiences and a chance to share their learning and ideas via discussions.


Our whole school approach to the teaching and learning of science involves teaching science in planned and arranged enquiries. This strategy enables the achievement of a greater depth of knowledge. As part of this, we focus on science once every term. 

In our science lessons, we provide a range of practical lessons where children can learn by doing and investigating, allowing them to form their own conclusions. To ensure a clear progression we build upon the learning and skill development of previous year and ensure all National Curriculum objectives are covered across each Key Stage. As the children’s scientific knowledge and understanding increases, our children become increasingly independent and confident in completing their own investigations and drawing their own conclusions based on their findings. This helps them to develop their working scientifically skill sets.

Our lessons also encompass a range of resources, both visual and practical to aid children’s understanding. Each year, we provide a science day/week to enrich the science curriculum. This also provides awe and wonder and brings science to life.


Our approach to Science at Gusford results in an engaging, high-quality science curriculum that provides children with the opportunities to develop a further understanding of the world around them.

Where possible, our engagement with the local environment and our outdoor learning spaces provide children with opportunities to experience the world around them and to learn through experiences. Through trips and visits from experts, children’s learning is further enhanced.

We have connections with national agencies such as the STEM association and Explorify and pupil voice is used to further develop the science curriculum, through questioning of pupil’s views and attitudes to science. This values our children’s views and allows us to support the children’s enjoyment of science and to motivate learning.

Cross Curricular links

(How the subject works alongside other subjects.)

As part of our enquiry lead approach to learning at Gusford, Science links to maths, art, DT, English and ICT are made where possible and appropriate. As well as this, our model texts in English are linked to science learning where possible to further enhance learning.