Wearing school uniform encourages a pride in being a member of Gusford Primary School.  It ensures that children are dressed appropriately for all school activities. Uniform reinforces school identity and eliminates ‘brand’ fashion and stigma. Staff and Governors actively encourage the wearing of school uniform. 

Logo items of uniform are available to order from our supplier PMG Schoolwear https://pmgschoolwear.co.uk 

Many local supermarkets sell the grey trousers/skirts/shorts and summer dresses etc. Sainsbury’s and Asda both sell packs of bottle green polo shirts and they, along with Tesco, sell bottle green jumpers and cardigans. 

Parents are asked to send their children to school tidy and appropriately dressed for the weather of the day.

Dress Code for Gusford Primary School

Bottle green polo shirt

Bottle green sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan or fleece

Grey trousers, grey skirt or pinafore dress

Socks should be plain black, grey or white. Tights, if worn in the colder months, should be grey or bottle green. 

Black shoes (flat)

During warmer weather the following items can be worn:

Plain grey school shorts

Plain style school dress in green checks

Plain flat sandals with a back strap (black, brown, white or green) 

School shoes (no trainers or fashion footwear), should be plain black, sensible and suitable for running and playing in the playground. In the summer months sandals or summer shoes may be worn, these should be as plain as possible and black, brown, green or white. High heeled footwear and ‘flip flop’ style sandals are not permitted as they are unsafe for the school environment. Many falls in school are caused by ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes.

Watches and plain stud earrings are the only items of jewellery which may be worn at school and these must be removed during P.E. and swimming lessons. Make up and nail varnish are not permitted. 

It is recommended for safety that long hair is tied back throughout the school day, hair accessories should be sensible and must be in school colours. Extremes of hairstyle are not acceptable.

We will always do our best to recover items that go missing, but unless they are clearly marked it is sometimes very difficult, with many similar items, to establish the correct owner. 

P.E Kit List

For P.E lessons it is essential that the children are correctly dressed in a manner appropriate to the activity:                                                                                                        

White or dark green* T-shirt (school logo item available from PMG or plain t shirt from other suppliers)

Black or bottle green shorts

Plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms (no logos or decals)

Plain black or navy coloured sweatshirt or zipped hoody (no logos or decals)


A pair of plimsolls to be kept in school for indoor PE lessons (please ensure these are named)

Having our pupils come to school wearing their PE kit on PE and Commando Joes days has worked well during the last year, as it has reduced lost or forgotten kit and the time saved from not changing meant more time being active in the lesson. We therefore plan to continue with pupils wearing their PE kit to school on their PE days which are set out on our PE Timetable webpage

We have added the choice of a *dark green PE t-shirt to our PE kit list in response to feedback from parents who have found that the white PE tops can sometimes be difficult to keep clean when worn to school all day for art lessons etc. We have contacted PMG to ask if they can add a dark green PE t shirt to their logo range. ASDA and Marks & Spencer both have plain dark green t shirts in their school uniform range. 

Earrings MUST be removed for PE and Swimming lessons.