P.E. Kit List

  • White or dark green* T-shirt (school logo item available from PMG or plain t shirt from other suppliers)
  • Black or bottle green shorts
  • Plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms (no logos or decals)
  • Plain black or navy coloured sweatshirt or zipped hoody (no logos or decals)
  • Trainers. 
  • A pair of plimsolls to be kept in school for indoor PE lessons (please ensure these are named)

Having our pupils come to school wearing their PE kit on PE and Commando Joes days has worked well during the last year, as it has reduced lost or forgotten kit and the time saved from not changing meant more time being active in the lesson. We therefore plan to continue with pupils wearing their PE kit to school on their PE days which are set out below. 

We are adding the choice of a *dark green PE t-shirt to our PE kit list in response to feedback from parents who have found that the white PE tops can sometimes be difficult to keep clean when worn to school all day for art lessons etc. We have contacted PMG to ask if they can add a dark green PE t shirt to their logo range. ASDA and Marks & Spencer both have plain dark green t shirts in their school uniform range. 

Earrings MUST be removed for PE and Swimming lessons.


PE Days

Reception  Monday and Thursday 
Year 1  Wednesday and Friday
Year 2  Tuesday and Thursday
Year 3   Monday and Friday
Year 4  Thursday and Friday 
Year 5  Tuesday and Thursday
Year 6  Wednesday and Friday


PE & Sport Clubs

Our staff run a wide range of before and after school clubs, including a number of sport clubs. These clubs are all run by our school staff and are offered free of charge.